About Us

Hi, I’m Susie, after 16 years working for a publishing company, I took the plunge and started my own business. That’s when I first experienced networking and faced all the challenges that come with juggling business and family life! I’m now having the time of my life growing Networking Women and working with some amazing women helping them achieve in their businesses alongside my own healing and coaching business.

Networking Women is now in it’s 10th year, and has been created through my own experience and that of the many inspiring women who attend the group. It is constantly evolving to create a friendly and supportive environment, where women can develop their skills, build relationships, collaborate and take their businesses forward.

Please see our pages on Networking Women West Oxfordshire, North Cotswolds and Abingdon. We ensure that our speakers offer an interactive, dynamic presentation that will leave you feeling energised and give you practical solutions that you can apply to your business. We have extended this philosophy and energy to our workshops.

Please see our  Workshops page for up to date information on future workshops in Oxfordshire. We look forward to meeting you soon!