August @ Abingdon: Shirley Billson on How To Stop Playing Small, Live Your Life Purpose and Love Yourself Rich

Wednesday 14th August

** Lunch meeting 11am – 1pm **

Speaker: Shirley Billson: How To Stop Playing Small, Live Your Life Purpose and Love Yourself Rich

Many of us would like to make more money, but when it comes to making ‘big’ money, many of us (even those of us who have worked in high powered, high salaried jobs) find we are up against our ‘money wall’ and the objections – especially for those of us in the ‘helping’ and ‘healing’ professions – start cropping up.  (“Other people charge the same or less”, “people won’t pay that”, “the economy is tough” “it’s not about the money” “I want to help more people”)

  • Discover how your personal language of money – and money habits – reflect your self belief in scarily accurate ways.
  • Learn how charging more can allow you to help and heal more people, rather than less.
  • Learn how money can be a lever for challenging you to step into the ‘big’ place the universe/God wants you to inhabit”

Shirley Billson helps aspiring 6-figure income hypnotherapists to see how a richly rewarding business is possible for them and shows them how to make it happen, step by step.

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