December @ Abingdon: Christmas Lunch and Diane Hedley & Lesley Beattie on Live Your Life – Love Your Space

Wednesday 11th December

9.30am – 11.30am

Speaker: *Christmas Lunch* 11am – 2pm

Speakers: Diane Hedley & Lesley Beattie: Live Your Life – Love Your Space

Diane Headley and Lesley Beattie are organisational angels, their passion is working with women who are ready to re-take control of their homes and lifestyles!

Have you ever felt weighed down, overwhelmed, embarrassed or just plain stressed by an area of your home or office that is not working for you in the way that you’d like?

And it’s not just your emotions and your ability to enjoy life that are affected either…… How does your body react when you look around your home or office? Can you feel your shoulders slump? Your head begin to ache and your heart feel heavy? Negative emotions affect our muscles and our joints as well as our ability to grasp life and all it has to offer.

Once clutter is cleared out of a space, the mood changes instantly. People feel lighter, more serene, more focus. The effect is profound. In this talk we look at the impact your clutter and confusion is having on your life and will give you some super juicy and simple tips and strategies to banish those feelings of dread and overwhelm forever, get organised and re-vamp our surroundings.

The talk will cover:

  • Why is it good that we de-clutter
  • How it can re-energise your environment and your life
  • Tips to help us get started
  • Know your body shape
  • How to emphasise your assets
  • Discover your style
  • Winter trends



More info to follow

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