April @ Cheltenham: Dominique Ventura on Confidence Boosting & The power of words

Wednesday 30th April


Speaker – Dominique Ventura on Confidence Boosting & The power of words

dominiqueCelebrity Coach Dominique Ventura from the Coaching Academy London arrived in the UK from France in 1989 and was involved in the Music Industry in Management where he was for 3 years a major part of the success of duo Ant & Dec. He also toured in USA with the great Whitney Houston. From that time, his career developed into mentoring and coaching high profile individuals around the world. A life quite extraordinary which The Coaching Academy London decided to publish as a successful story

Dominique is a certified NLP Coach and member of the ICF (International Coach Federation USA) as well as a protegee of the London Coaching Academy.

On the day 2 subjects linked to each other will be developed:

1)    The power of words : How words , said or heard  can influence your life sometimes for good, sometimes for bad

2)    Lack of confidence: The disease of the century. What is confidence? Why and how do we lack confidence? All revealed on that day!

You will not regret to come and see this amazing coach!



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