April in Witney: David Lancaster- Personal Trainer, Body Composition Specialist & Fitness Model

Tuesday 26th April

Speaker: David Lancaster: Personal Trainer, Body Composition Specialist & Fitness Model

Improving Your Health, Fitness & Metabolism

This talk will cover some of the most important and fundamental principles of improving body composition, which refers to the shape and size of the body with emphasis on the ratio of muscle tissue to fat and has important implications not just for weight but for creating a more efficient metabolism. After discussing the difference between weight loss and fat loss, and how different exercise and nutrition choices impact upon these, the discussion will cover how the management of stress, sleep, and gut health play a large part in your health, the way you look, and the way you feel. In particular, this talk will introduce and discuss the effects of weight lifting on women, and the implications of this training method on an individual’s relationship with their body. In addition to the health and body composition benefits of weight training, many women find it empowering mentally and physically. Furthermore, past misconceptions about bulking up are incorrect and require revision in light of both theory and practice. Overall, the talk will address:

– The meaning and importance of body composition to overall health, fitness, and metabolism

– The best method of influencing body composition in women

– Misconceptions about weight training with examples

– The benefits of weight training with examples”

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