Top tips for an attention-grabbing introduction

Most networking events give you the opportunity to promote yourself to the rest of the group – and Networking Women is no different. At each meeting everyone has a minute to talk about their business and what they offer. Even for those with a lot of networking experience it can be daunting – so here are some tips to help you make the most of your minute in the spotlight.

  1. Sell yourself, not your business. It’s often hard to get across what you do in just one minute. Instead, think about promoting yourself and aim to get people interested and wanting to find out more about you. You can tell them all about your business in the resulting conversations!
  2. Ask a question. People don’t always want to know about what you do but what you can do for them. Opening your “pitch” with a question instantly gets people thinking about their own challenges and how you could help them.
  3. Use props. At a busy meeting, it’s a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Using a suitable prop – maybe a glove puppet, a hat or a magic wand – makes you more memorable.
  4. Show off your wares! Not relevant to everyone, I know, but if you sell a product, show it! One guest at Networking Women Witney sells jewellery and accessories, so she introduced herself by showing off an armful of brightly colourful handbags – and it got people’s attention!
  5. Rehearse – but don’t over-rehearse. Have an idea of what you want to say, and practice it a couple of times – but no more. If you over-rehearse it can come across stilted and lacking any passion. Same goes for reading from a script – instead stick to bullet points. They will keep you on target but allow you room to be enthusiastic!
  6. Keep it short. At Networking Women you get about a minute, which is plenty of time to make an impact. Keeping it short and sweet means people listen to what you have to say. Ramble on at your peril – and watch those eyes glaze over!
  7. Smile! However nervous you are, smiling relaxes the muscles in your face, makes your voice sound cheerful and gives the impression of confidence, even if you’re not!

Give these tips a go at your next networking event. We’d love to hear what difference it makes!

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