Charity Calendar (More Unclothed than Naked)!

While the Summer months brought most of us a time to relax, refresh and rethink, it brought us, at Networking Women, an opportunity to bring together a group of Business Women to put together a project. Using Networking and Social Media, we wanted to demonstrate the power of communication, relationships and a collective desire to make a difference. We wanted to celebrate women, as Business owners, but also as all that we are! Through doing this, the aim of our project is to make lots of money for charity, to have brought women together who wouldn’t have ordinarily made contact, to highlighted the different businesses that we all run and allow us all to shine as individuals, personally and professionaly.

We had a lovely day and the people that came on board for the project were all exactly the right people. We had the most amazing Hair and Beauty contact, Kathryn Danzy, that I fell upon while tweeting who then took it upon herself to find us a lovely Hair and Make Up specialist who worked without a pause to bring out the best in us. We had a very patient photographer who took pictures of us through the eyes of a woman and then artistically and carefully brought those images to life. The location we had our photo shoot in was a classic and sophisticated venue which kept the images classy and worthy. They even provided us with a member of their staff for the day to look after our every whim (including the bottle of champagne during the mid afternoon slump!)  And finally, the work put in to getting us to the final stages by our designer allowing the product to arrive safely at the printers.   The print run is set to commence on Monday.

The Charity is Breast Cancer Haven.

The Launch, which includes the Calendar, is at Heythrop Park on the 7th October and tickets can be bought here.

The Calendar can be bought here.

The possibilities are endless. Anything is possible! Together we can achieve whatever we set our minds to…

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