Networking Women Cheltenham

Wednesday 27th April 2011

Speaker: Cathy Dean from Colour In Your Thinking


“Ladies – let’s do away with the Tyranny of Guilt!”

So many women seem to think that Guilt is part of the Female Condition – if you’re juggling work, home, kids, parents, partner and me-time it can seem like you never do justice to any of them, and that’s where the Guilt steps in. I used to suffer big-time from Guilt and its evil twin, Shame but I learned how to get rid of them and my life has been much happier ever since. In this session I’ll help you to idenitfy the causes of your Guilt, work out what impact it’s having on your life and decide what you want to do about it.

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Cathy is passionate about helping women rediscover who they really are, what they really want from life and how to get it. She founded Colour In Your Thinking after a long career in the Civil Service, and is now determined to help as many women as possible to escape from lives of grey conformity and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with showing the world their True Colours.

She uses a skillful blend of coaching, teaching, creativity and intuition to expand her clients’ thoughts and horizons, along with her trademark touch of Fairy Dust.

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