March @ Cheltenham: Elizabeth Chanter of Room 4 Healing

Wednesday 25th March

Speaker: Elizabeth Chanter of Room 4 Healing:  Balancing The Elements Of Your Life

Each Element has its role and purpose within our life, and each is reflected both physically and metaphysically in the world around us.  Without them, the Earth could not exist, and neither could you!

  • Earth nourishes and stabilises
  • Water cleanses and releases
  • Fire energises and illuminates
  • Air brings calm and repose
  • Spirit centres and integrates

Elemental knowledge is ancient wisdom which has real practical benefit to our daily lives.  Elizabeth will bring insights into how the re-balancing of the individual elements within us can bring about whole person healing.  This assists us to know who we are, what we want from life, where we are heading, how we will get there and when –combine all of these and we can live fully, joyfully and creatively in the present.

Elizabeth will be offering a lovely meditation taking you on a journey into the Elemental World of Water.

Elizabeth is a Golden Way Reiki Master, who is also trained in the art of Elemental Shamanic Healing.  She has been in practice for ten years at Room 4 Healing, and is experienced in homeopathy, reflexology and Metamorphic Technique.

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