May @ Cheltenham: Susie Mackie& Penny Wadley on Inspire Confidence with Boudoir Photography

Wednesday 22nd May


Speakers – Susie Mackie& Penny Wadley – Inspire Confidence with Boudoir Photography

What is My Sensuality? 

My Sensuality boudoir photography was created by Susie and Penny to reflect our heartfelt passion that all women deserve to feel beautiful.

The confidence inspired by a boudoir shoot can remain with you forever. Somehow it is so much more than a photoshoot – after their experience with us, women who never admired themselves can look at themselves in the mirror, say “I am beautiful!” – and mean it! How powerful is that?!!

 We aim to make your whole experience enlightening, confidence-building and liberating. All of which equals – FUN! But don’t take our word for it – experience your own boudoir shoot, expand your limits, and watch your confidence grow…!

The talk will cover:

  • A little background about Susie Mackie (photographer) and Penny Wadley (make-up artist)
  • The meaning of ‘boudoir’
  • Why we set up My Sensuality and why we are so passionate about what we do
  • What a boudoir shoot entails
  • So why have a boudoir shoot?
  • Let’s hear it from the girls – what our subject say! 

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