October @ Cheltenham: Anne Thompson on Knowing Me, Knowing You – Working with our Temperament

Wednesday 23rd October

*** NEW VENUE: The Greenway Hotel & Spa


Speaker: Anne Thompson: Knowing Me, Knowing You – Working with our Temperament

  • Do you get irritated when you try to communicate with your family, work colleagues and others in a fair and even-handed way only to find they all respond differently?
  • Have you ever wondered why family/friends return to the same holiday destination every year while you want to travel far and wide?
  • Ever wondered why people can’t settle to a task, can’t share your ‘vision’ for a project, or get angry at the slightest provocation?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then understanding your temperament and that of those around you will give you greater insight and practical guidance to overcome those issues. Our temperament is not who we are but is the vehicle we use to express ourselves in the world around us.

This brief but fun introduction is to help you begin to recognise your own temperament in order to improve your communication and relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Be prepared to see yourself and others in a new light!

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