December @ Cheltenham: Jane Mann on Facial Exercises – Age Gracefully

Wednesday 17th December – The Greenway Hotel Cheltenham


Speaker: Jane Mann on Facial Exercises – Age Gracefully

Jane is an Organic Facialist and beautician, and a Dr Hauschka Esthetician, who treats anything from Acne to Rosacea to wrinkles through a mix of relaxing treatments, carefully chosen products and targeted facial exercises.

Jane strongly objects to the media-imposed  “trying to look younger” approach, and believes women can be happy to feel and look great at any age. Facial exercises have been around for decades and help firm the skin as well as toning the muscles and so the contours of the face. They are a great compromise between neglecting one’s appearance and going under the knife, enabling one to age gracefully, and rather more slowly.

Age gracefully – an older face with expression is far more attractive than one frozen with Botox…..

Benefits of Facial Exercise

  • Tones the muscles, and lifts the face naturally, as the skin is attached to the muscles
    ·         Builds muscle fibre: enlarges the muscles and plumps up the skin giving a more youthful, fuller appearance
    ·         Increased circulation enables better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells
    ·         Improved lymphatic drainage enables better internal cleansing and less puffiness and dark circles
    ·         Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, sagging is corrected
    ·         Collagen production may be increased
    ·         Papery skin is better nourished and enabled to absorb treatment creams
    ·         How you treat your skin and the impact that has on how well you age. 

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