February @ Witney: Helen Blantz on T’ai chi principles in Business

Tuesday 28th February


Speaker – Helen Blantz on Tai chi principles in Business: Pressure to reach your business goals need not avoid the scenic route

 T’ai Chi has many attributes – on a physical level it is a gentle form of exercise that firms, strengthens and balances the body, while on a spiritual/emotional level it can be relaxing, uplifting and rejuvenating. It is hugely beneficial for stress-relief and is well-known to be a help to those with depression. But T’ai Chi can also provide major benefits to general lifestyle and business by application of the founding principles of this ancient Chinese art.

For example, we are all familiar with the phrase “go with the flow.” This is often suggested as a way of dealing with a stressful situation and will be received differently depending on the kind of outlook, skills, and experiences of the individual. If you would class yourself as a “control freak” – this talk is for you!

This talk will examine (amongst others) some techniques based on “go with the flow” – not advocating surrender – but rather embracing a completely different mindset, which with practice, will net some creative, sometimes genius results, themselves probably not achievable by the work harder, work longer hours method…

By applying some of T’ai Chi’s principles to business, Helen will show how the following outcomes are possible:

  • Clear thinking on longstanding issues
  • New ability to tap into the flow of your creative juices
  • Ability to come up with some creative solutions – often by having mini “Eureka” moments
  • Development of an adaptable business, which thrives on change
  • A low-stress working environment, which still delivers on deadlines
  • Ability to achieve clarity & real focus – distilling projects into clear achievable chunks
  • Managing peaks in workload without the “overload”
  • New outlook on efficient time management

… whilst enjoying the journey

Theres more than one scenic route but not all of them are diversions.

Helen will demonstrate that the journey can be more enjoyable, whilst remaining composed and focussed on your key objectives.

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Helen Blantz has been a T’ai Chi practicioner for many years and led classes in Witney over the last six.  A seasoned events planner by profession, and working Mum of three, Helen has first-hand experience of the constraints of deadlines and the need for juggling different priorities.

This talk will identify some different approaches to managing and developing your business in a more rounded way that will deliver enhanced results within time without the typical work-related stresses. It dispels some myths around task-oriented working, and covers such areas as business overview, project management, negotiation, team working, and time and people management.

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