Finding Your Passion… Because You Can!

How do you live your passion? How do you get up every day knowing that you have room to earn a living, be there for your friends and family, feel fulfilled and be in control of your own destiny and your own deadlines? Is it all starting to sound a little bit to good to be true? It’s not. I know lots of women who have set up their own businesses and live a work/life balance that is non-existent when working for someone else. Inspired by the book Making a Living Without a Job, nodding on every page with great gusto, I knew I wanted that. I had wanted that for years! Having been in business at that point for about three months, the whole work/life balance thing was not really ringing true. I seemed to be working through the night and all through the day, and a day off looked like a luxury only granted to employed people.

Just over one year on and I can honestly say, that I live that dream. It’s not the living that I was used to as an employee in my old life, but it is a living. After stripping away all of my ‘lifestyle’, living on a budget has become a pleasure too. Now I no longer require all the trappings required from the exhaustion and guilt that employment brought as a full time working single parent with a one hour commute brought, I can enjoy what I have.

Where do you begin if you want to make that change? It’s a big change to make and if you don’t have lots of financial backing, it can be scary too. For me, not having any financial backing is what helped me. There is nothing more motivating than needing to feed your children! But I realise that not everyone will cope well with that kind of pressure and am not advocating it unless you are of that ilk and respond well to immense pressure!

With all of our different experiences in mind, we have put together Believe You can, our first Conference, designed to be a One Stop Shop for women thinking about setting up a business or those quite new on the journey, to those women who want to move their business to the next level and are not sure how. We have an early bird rate available until 1st June. So don’t think that you can’t….Believe You Can! Because You Can…


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