Gender Dynamics and Understanding the Male Mind!

Gender Dynamics and Understanding the Male Mind! with Diane MacDowall
Thursday 14th June 9.30am – 4.30pm  

This day will open your eyes and change the way you communicate with men forever!

This is a workshop for women about relationship dynamics, polarity, masculine and feminine energy and how to understand and communicate effectively with men.

First and foremost, you will explore your relationship with yourself, gaining unique insights into who you are and what makes you tick. A woman’s happiness is the most powerful untapped energy imaginable. Her glow comes from inner approval and the discovery that the greatest gift she can give the world is her own happiness. Stepping into this beautiful place is the foundation of this workshop, because it is from here that you’ll discover not only how and why you show up the way you do in your relationships, but how and why your man shows up the way he does around you too. It will change your life, your perspective and your understanding. And as for the spark you’ll create in your current or future intimate relationship, well, I truly believe that every woman can bring out the best in a man, and we’ll show you how…


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Venue – Witney
Cost    – Discounted price to Networking Women :£77

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