‘Improve Your Voice & Speaking’ workshop with Bayley Eyley of Be Vocal

Thursday 15th January 2015

9.30am. 10am start – 12.00pm finish

Bayley from BE Vocal specialises in teaching all aspects of communication, voice and presentation training.

On the day Bayley will be covering:

  • ·         Voice warm up
  • ·         How to prepare your body to be as open and as ready as possible to speak
  • ·         Some exercises to strengthen vocal dexterity
  • ·         Some tips and tricks to ‘faking’ confidence.

Please wear clothing that you are comfortable in and can move freely in. It will definitely be fun and we will be a bit silly!

 Bayley from Be Vocal is offering this workshop to help people develop more confidence in their voice. From presentations, to tackling the telephone, to being more comfortable when speaking Bayley can help. The voice is often neglected from childhood and people forget that it is a huge asset to our lives and business. You should always be in control of your voice and be able to project comfortably without straining. Bayley looks at your body and voice as a whole and focuses on proven voice exercises that develop dexterity and tone which in turn builds a more confident speaker and quiets nerves.

“If you do not like the sound of your own voice, or if you lack the confidence to speak in public/ give talks then Bayley is the person to contact. I enjoyed a great morning learning exercises, being taught useful information and tools on how to improve your voice/speaking. You definitely feel your confidence growing.” K, Abingdon


Refreshments provided.

Fee £25 payment in advance.

To book email Susie info@networkingwomen.org.uk

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