January@ Swindon: Anne Snelgrove on Breathing & Speaking Techniques

Thursday 19th January


Speaker: Anne Snelgrove from The Confidence Consultancy – Breathing & Speaking Techniques

After a career in education and then politics, Anne now runs her own business, The Confidence Consultancy, drawing on her initial drama training and her experience in the public eye. She trains individuals and groups in a wide range of techniques designed to boost confidence, including presentation skills, public speaking, media handling, preparation for career progression and handling difficult and confrontational situations.

Anne will speak about her experience in Parliament and what she learnt about working in what was (and still is) predominantly a man’s world. She’ll describe learning the hard way about making a speech from the green benches in the House of Commons, and why years of training and practice as a drama teacher both helped and hindered.

This will be a short and fun group practical session designed to give you a taste of breathing and speaking techniques to help you in your business, whatever it is. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to make a speech or do anything in front of anyone else – group exercises only!

For more information visit Anne’s website theconfidenceconsultancy.com

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Background Information
Anne initially trained as a drama teacher and spent 8 years in the classroom, followed by a further 8 years as an education adviser. She became interested in politics and first stood for a council election in 1991, losing by just 18 votes. Two years later she was elected to Berkshire county council. Anne was a councillor on two different councils for 7 years, serving as Vice-Chair of the Education Committee and as Mayor for a year.

After choosing a career in politics, Anne stood for the European Parliament and in a “no hope” parliamentary seat. In 2005 she was elected as Labour MP for South Swindon but lost her seat in 2010. During her time as an MP, Anne worked as a Parliamentary aide (PPS) to several cabinet ministers, culminating in a year working for the Prime Minister in No 10.

Anne has many fond recollections of working in No 10, but says the best fun was travelling in the PM’s car to Prime Ministe’Rs Questions every Wednesday, because the police motorbike riders stopped all the traffic in Parliament Square. Gordon Brown’s recollections aren’t necessarily so rosy, however!

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