January @ Cheltenham – Anna Mason: Fit for Business

Wednesday 30th January


Speaker – Anna Mason: Fit for Business

Anna is a fitness and health coach with a practical and straightforward approach to helping people reach their desired weight and stay there. She is the founder of Distance Dieters — the easy, confidential way for busy people to lose weight online, by telephone and email. Since starting Distance Dieters in 2008, all her clients have lost the weight they wanted to, including some Networking Women!

Anna has a no nonsense approach to weight loss. Her advice and knowledge is founded on common sense and practicalities. She has no time for faddy diets, and refreshingly believes that life is for living and enjoying.

In ‘Fit for Business’ Anna shows us how to get fitter to do effective business and how to eat for energy and vitality, using the all the skills you use at work to manage your health, weight and wellbeing.

If you’re fit you’ll work more effectively and also have more confidence and verve in the workplace as well and having a more sucessful business! Busy professionals and business people easily neglect their health under the stresses and strains of work. Too much sitting at the desk or behind the wheel, snacking and a bad diet can mean the scales creep up and we suffer slumps in energy during the day.


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