January @ Abingdon: Ann Phillips – Begin With You in 2014

Wednesday 15th January


Speaker – Ann Phillips – Begin With You in 2014

Imagine it’s 2015, another year gone by. What happened to all your goals, did you reach them or are you in the same routine, same clothes, same mind set, same lack of self-esteem and living the same life?

Make this year the year you finally do what you are passionate about. Declutter not just yourself but your surroundings & maybe certain people around you.

Now imagine you make a change this week, this month. Not comparing yourself to others, living the life that you want to lead. Doing things that you love, doing things that you always wanted to do and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. How does that feel?

In this talk Ann will be taking a look at:

  • Mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Body cleanse
  • Personal identity
  • Decluttering

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