January @ Cheltenham: Catrina Crute on Nutritional Therapy

Wednesday 25th January


Speaker – Catrina Crute, Nutritional Therapy

Using the science of food, Catrina’s aim is to help correct the root causes of ill health in order to restore and maintain optimum health. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist Catrina is able to assist people with current health issues by using a natural approach by treating the whole person and not just their symptoms.

In her talk, Catrina will cover:

  • Brief history
  • BioElectrical Impedance Measurement – overview
  • Toxins and Disease and ‘The 6 Phase Theory’
  • Hering’s Law of Cure
  • The Healing Crisis
  • Importance of Nutrition for Healing

Mini Screenings for those attending

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Many of us juggle a hectic work and home life, racing against time on a daily basis. Our demand for fast food to fit in with our busy lives makes us opt for convenient processed food with little thought about their nutrient content. Processed foods contain toxins in the form of artificial flavourings, colourings, sweeteners and possibly pesticides, heavy metals and artificial hormones. We place great demands on our bodies and the fuel we provide them is worryingly low-grade.

The human body has a basic daily requirement for a complete range of essential vitamins and minerals. A deficiency in these nutrients and an overload in toxins contributes to sub-optimal health and over a period of time may manifest and cause you to become unwell. A deficiency in nutrients and an overload in toxins also contributes to weight gain and the inability to lose excess weight.

More information from http://www.catrinacrute.co.uk/index.html

Catrina’s qualifications are Certificate in Optimum Nutrition, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

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