January in Witney: About T’ai Chi talk with Helen Blantz of The T’ai Chi Room

Tuesday 26th January

Speaker: Helen Blantz, The T’ai Chi Room on T’ai Chi 

T’ai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. It is a gentle exercise using slow, mindful, flowing movements. It has been described as ‘mindful movement’ or ‘moving meditation.’ The meditative aspects to T’ai Chi practice enable beginners to appreciate at the outset some of the benefits of regular practice – relaxation; sense of becoming “grounded” and less stressed; clarity of mind; and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Longer term practice can bring the following additional benefits:

•   T’ai Chi develops a sense of good posture, balance & co-ordination

•   T’ai Chi increases stamina, flexibility & strength

•   T’ai Chi combats stress, depression & helps to manage pain

•   T’ai Chi improves breathing & quality of sleep

•   T’ai Chi relaxes & develops clarity of mind

•   T’ai Chi helps older people to build & maintain strength, minimising trips & falls

T’ai Chi talk and taster

Helen Blantz has been teaching the T’ai Chi Chu’uan Yang Long Form in Oxfordshire since February 2006. Helen will be sharing with Networking Women of Witney:

  • HISTORY: a whistlestop tour of T’ai Chi’s Founding Fathers
  • PRINCIPLES FOR LIFE: with its inextricable links to ancient Chinese philosophies, T’ai Chi’s principles are based on nature; unity/ connectedness; balance/harmony. Briefly, Helen will touch on concepts such as “letting go;” “go with the flow;” and the impact of yin/yang principles – on T’ai Chi – and in life’s challenges in 2016!
  • GETTING ACTIVE: a fun practical session to warm and cheer everyone up J
  • WARM UP: a short warm up, preparing body and mind
  • BEST BITES: Helen will share with you some of her favourite T’ai Chi postures in a very mini T’ai Chi Form

NOTE: Helen is recommending you wear something comfortable (nothing too restrictive, particularly in the upper body). Trousers and flat shoes highly recommended, or feel free to bring a pair of warm walking socks.

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