June @ Abingdon: Alison Thompson on How to Share Your Story and Make a Difference

Wednesday 11th June


Speaker – Alison Thompson on How to Share Your Story and Make a Difference

Alison Thompson’s son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was six and whilst their life was challenging, Alison never thought she was doing anything out of the ordinary. But since publishing her book “The Boy From Hell” she’s discovered that sharing her story has huge ramifications – both for herself and for other people. Now Alison wants to share her story with you and explain why telling your story can make a huge difference to your own life and the lives of strangers.

In this talk Alison will:

  • Share a little of her story with you
  • Outline why she decided to go public with her story – and what happened as a result
  • Demonstrate why your story matters – and how you can share it

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Alison Thompson had wanted to write a book for years but it wasn’t till October 2012 that she had the idea for her first book, The Boy from Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD. The book is a very personal story of how Alison and her son have dealt with his special needs, and it includes tips and advice for other parents dealing with ADHD. In her day job Alison is a proofreader and copywriter and she also offers workshops, coaching and one to one mentoring for people who want to write their first book.

More about the book: www.theboyfromhell.co.uk

More about the day job: www.theprooffairy.com

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