June in Abingdon: Lisa Whiteside on Creating Congruence in Personal & Business Branding

Wednesday 10th June


Speaker: Lisa Whiteside from House of Colour on Creating Congruence in Personal & Business Branding

Lisa Whiteside is a Colour and Style Brand Consultant with over 17 years’ experience.  She works with individuals and company teams to help them achieve congruence between their person brand and their career.  Clients include LeManoir,  LloydsTSB,  Harley Davidson, many firms of Accountants, and other business professionals.  Retailers include – Hobbs, Gerry Webber, CC, LK Bennett and House of Fraser.

In business we often only get one chance to make a first impression and these are formed in a number of ways including the way you dress.  Therefore creating a strong brand increases your visibility and credibility making you memorable for the right reasons.

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