June in North Cotswolds: Alice Jennings on How do you feel about your Inbox?

Tuesday 7th June

Speaker: Alice Jennings – How do you feel about your Inbox?

Alice Jennings is on a mission to help people who started their business to do something they love minimise the amount of time they spend ‘running’ their business – so they can get back to doing the work they started a business for. This month Alice will be discussing how to take control of your Inbox.

How do you feel about your Inbox? Is is something you are proud of? Or is it something that fills you with dread? Alice will be looking at the different things you can do to get your Inbox under control and make it something to be proud of.

  • The way you can sort the emails coming into your inbox
  • How to quickly clear away the distractions and focus on the really important tasks
  • Tips to help automate the sorting to save you from doing it yourself
  • Setting up Rules!

You will have some great tips so that you can look at the contents of your inbox in a different light!


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