May @ Abingdon:Alison Neale – Social Media Bingo!

Friday 18th May


Speaker – Alison Neale AKA The Proof Fairy – Social Media Prize Bingo!

Social media is everywhere – you can’t get away from it! In this interactive presentation we’ll be playing a game of Social Media Bingo and looking at some of the statistics that show just how important a part of life social media now is. We’ll also be talking about how we can use social media to promote our own businesses – expect stimulating discussion, amazing statistics and a prize!

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Alison Neale, AKA The Proof Fairy, started her career in publishing before taking time out to bring up a family, supplementing the income by doing part time childminding, bookkeeping and office cleaning. The turn of the millennium was the turning point for her: within ten years she left a violent relationship and became a single parent; did a degree; got married and divorced; worked at management level for a stock photography company; and started her own business! Nowadays Alison splits her time between proofreading everything from sales emails to novels, writing articles for her own and other people’s websites, and building WordPress websites and blogs.

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About Alison Neale

Single mum to two lovely kids, running my own business, enjoying life as much as I can!

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