May @ Cheltenham: Helen Yarnold on Stay Fit and Fabulous!

Wednesday 30th May


Speaker – Helen Yarnold of Strawberry Sofa – Stay Fit and Fabulous! – 12-14 Fitness from Helen Yarnold of Strawberry Sofa

Helen has developed a 6-month programme of change, designed to encourage you to think about your health and fitness in a different way – it is not just about a diet – all diets work, if you stick to them! It is about finding a way to build healthy eating and exercise into your life – bringing about lifelong changes – the end of yo-yo dieting!

In this talk you will learn:
• How you can build exercise into your everyday life
• How weight loss is not just for special occasions
• How to love exercise
• How to ensure that you stay fabulous

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Helen originally started as a trainer with a national care company and learned that management training is much more like life coaching – so she became a Life Coach! Through her life coaching she “found herself” (as many do) lost 7 stones and became a Personal Trainer – just like that! Helen now spends her days encouraging others to “just do it”! with a no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise that is helping many women to feel happy in their skin. For more information visit

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