May @ Abingdon: Isabelle Drayton on The Truth About Nutrition Myths

Wednesday 14th May


Speaker – Isabelle Drayton, Nutritional Therapist: The Truth About Nutrition Myths

We all know too well how important good nutrition is to optimal health. And everyone wants to be healthy and look their best. In our era of plenty, we have the opportunity to make healthy food choices each day and when in doubt, find myriads of information on healthy eating from the touch of a keyboard. But in our quest for healthy eating and lifestyle, we often end up feeling dizzy and confused by the exaggerated headlines and often contradictory information we can read about nutrition and the health benefits of certain foods.

On the day, Isabelle will be looking at some common nutrition misconceptions to help you separate fact from fiction so that you can feel good about enjoying the foods you love.

Nutritional Therapist, Isabelle offers advice to support individuals in making changes in the way they approach food with a view to achieving lasting improvements in their health and wellbeing in a manageable and realistic manner.

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