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Friday 18th November 2011

Speaker: Margaret Adams on “Is anyone in charge of your business?

Well, be honest, what’s the answer?  Is your business travelling towards a defined destination or are you just drifting from month to month and from year to year?

Planning matters in life and successful businesses plan well, too.  After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter where you end up – or does it?

Come to today’s meeting to prepare your business for a fantastic 2012.

  • Learn how to set the right sort of goals (the ones that you will really want to achieve).
  • Learn where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.
  • Discover the two key tasks you must do every week in your business.
  • Learn which tasks to ditch and which ones to outsource.
  • Establish the best ways to benchmark your success and progress.

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Margaret Adams helps women entrepreneurs manage their businesses better so that they generate more interest in what they do and then convert more of that interest into sales.

Work with Margaret today on the plan that will help you to make 2012 a great year for your business.

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