August @ North Cotswolds: Sian Davies on Looking Good Feeling Great!

Tuesday 13th August


Speaker – Sian Davies: Looking Good Feeling Great!

Rightly or wrongly we all judge each other by our appearance, 67% of a first impression is based on the way we look. The message we send out about who we are and what we are about is a visual one. So why not make the best of your self everyday?

Siân Davies is a Colour and Personal Style Consultant with House of Colour and is on an asset finding mission with all her clients.

  • Wearing the right colours for your skin tone and colouring can make you look healthy, vibrant, and often younger look.
  • Understanding your Style is about knowing what clothes suit your body shape and reflects your personality.
  • The whole language of clothes and use of accessories personalises your look, carries authority and should be congruent with the person you are.

Learning how to make the best of yourself boosts your self esteem, increases confidence and saves you time and money as you shop smarter!

So invest in your self and come and hear more about Colour and Style- if you look good you feeling great!

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