May @ North Cotswolds: Svetlina O’Regan on Focus Your Energies for Positive Impact

Tuesday 14th May


Speaker: Svetlina O’Regan – Focus Your Energies for Positive Impact

We live lives that demand a lot from us and it is easy to feel pulled in all
directions.  Between home, work, our family, friends and anything else that
life throws at us, we can easily fall back to the bottom of our own list of

In this talk Svetlina shows us the importance of being centred.  We will explore how
focusing your energies on yourself first can literally change your life and positively
impact the lives of those around you. 
Svetlina will share with you some simple techniques which will help you
feel more centred, stronger and more in balance.

Svetlina O’Regan
Holistic Hypnotherapist

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