Networking Women North Cotswolds

Tuesday 12th April 2011

Speaker: Anna Mason, founder of Distance Dieters
Shape Up For Business

Find out:

  • Why looking after your own health is a good investment in your business or career
  • How understanding how your body deals with food enables you to keep alert and energised throughout the day
  • The secret to maintaining a healthy weight or losing excess pounds without ever counting calories or feeling hungry
  • The truth behind so-called diet friendly foods and why “low-fat” is not always best
  • The most common mistakes to avoid if you want to create your own personal health blueprint and eat for energy and vitality

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Anna Mason is a weight loss, health and fitness expert who has a practical and straightforward approach to helping people reach their desired weight and stay there. She is the founder of Distance Dieters — the easy, confidential way for busy people to lose weight online, by telephone and email. Since starting Distance Dieters in 2008, all her clients have lost the weight they wanted to lose.

For those who want to take their health and wellbeing even further, Anna is offering the option of a follow-up workshop especially for Networking Women.

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