March @ North Cotswolds: Joanna Byrne on Mindset for Success

Tuesday 3rd March

Speaker: Joanna Byrne on Mindset for Success

Building Success through Mastering your Mindset

It sounds like the dream life: set up your own business; be your own boss, work the hours you choose; balance family, fun and business… you know it, you’ve heard it. That’s what you want.

The reality? Being in business for yourself is tough! It’s lonely – there’s no one else but you to lean on. You often have to work HARD, harder than you expected. Finding and keeping clients is way more challenging than you thought. Getting your offerings out there, and being seen is difficult. And then there’s that little voice in your head, questioning your decisions, sowing the seeds of doubt about your choices. And nobody told you it was going to be like that! That’s where a powerful, resilient mindset comes in. In this talk, Joanna will show you how to build and maintain a resilient mindset for success, so that you can feel confident, successful and visible in your business.

Joanna Byrne is a Small Business Coach, Career Coach and MBA lecturer.  She took a leap of faith and left the corporate world in 2012, to spend some time travelling in Asia and to pursue her passion as an international coach and lecturer with location independence. This allowed her the freedom to be in business, sharing her passions and helping others, while experiencing life in other cultures. She is now based in the UK, coaching, teaching and raising her new family. Joanna has a passion for building and maintaining a resilient, supportive mindset and ensures each of her clients focus on gaining clarity about what they want, building a confident resilient mindset and taking action.

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