November @ Abingdon: Kirsten Hanlon on Putting the WHOA back into Woman

Wednesday 12th November


Speaker: Kirsten Hanlon on Putting the WHOA back into Woman

Kirsten is a Well Parent advocate and promotes this through parenting workshops and training, hosting retreats and speaking about what makes a “Well” Parent.  Kirsten works with mothers and families to increase confidence and introduce calm into their everyday parenting practice: creating long-lasting and positive change.

More than just a well parent advocate, Kirsten brings her concept of ‘wellness’ to all women, helping them to address the balance of self-care in their busy and challenging modern lives.

With over 15 years of training and experience in Education and Coaching, Kirsten runs a private practice in the Cotswolds, England and works with all women and new parents in building life-long wellness practices.  A trainer and speaker, Kirsten has also worked closely with local authority child-care professionals in developing their expertise relating to maternal wellbeing.

‘Putting the WHOA back in WOMAN- why you need to stop to get moving’ is an engaging talk on the imbalances women find in juggling all the demands of a challenging and busy lifestyle. While appearing to be counter-intuitive, learning to stop amongst the busy-ness is key to being effective and successful and is a valuable cornerstone practice in creating a life of ‘wellness’.

Mums and More – not perfect parenting; just parenting that’s perfect for you!


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