Networking Women Swindon

17th March 2011

Guest speaker: Jenny Stewart from

“Cos if your thoughts are stinking, your business is shrinking!!!”
Five Top Tips To Success … you will leave this session with practical tips, hints and advice that you can take away and imediately implement – to help you get more of what you want and less of what you worry about.

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One Thought was established in December 2009 by Jenny Stewart. Jenny is passionate about helping people get what they want in life, and after experiencing Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping material, she knew she’d found the right tool to achieve this

After nearly 20 years’ management experience in the corporate world with the global companies Kraft Foods and Coats Viyella, she is well experienced in the area of personal development and knows the importance of personal leadership in achieving success – in whatever form that takes for you as everyone views success differently.

Jenny works with Goal Mapping which is a set of principles and a technique that has been used by over one million people worldwide over the last 15 years.