Networking Women Swindon

Thursday 19th May 2011

Guest speaker: Nicky Marshall on “Do you love your life?”

Most of us love our families and our pets, but how do you love your life, including all the challenging bits?

During this talk Nicky will share her top 10 tips to make life easier and more enjoyable, to celebrate the ups and smile through the downs. Learn the best use of your energy and how to challenge anything that gets in the way of an easy existence.

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Nicky has gathered various tools over the years, from a career in Management Accounting to Tarot, Holistic Therapy and teaching dance for building confidence. Nicky works as a Psychic Medium, a Reiki Master, and a Pole Dance Instructor. She writes freelance for various magazines and gives talks and workshops on the subject of loving life and living in a fulfilled way.

Nicky guides people to use their own energy and intuition, to make better choices and have more fun in their lives. Through workshops and her online programme Nicky uses real life, down to earth language, humour and easy techniques to encourage the quest for a happier, more spiritual life.

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