Networking Women Swindon

Thursday 20th October 2011

Speaker: Caroline Palmer on “The Perfect Dream”

Personal fitness trainer and business mentor Caroline Palmer has devised her own successful goal-setting formula for her clients and business associates and loves to share it with others who wish to move forward in their lives, particularly in the areas of business or health and fitness.

The ‘Perfect Dream’ is an acronym which helps to:

  • Understand why so many don’t achieve their desires
  • Unravel the difference between a goal and a dream
  • Match our goal-setting techniques to our personalities

through Caroline’s explanation of:

  • The 5 Desirable Components of a DREAM
  • The 7 Secrets of PERFECT goal-setting

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About the speaker:

Following redundancy from a corporate career in international marketing and promotions, Caroline re-qualified as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition advisor, forming her own business in 2001.

Caroline has inspired hundreds of clients to achieve their fitness and health goals and has herself progressed from being a non-runner (and deemed “useless at sport” throughout school!) to completing seven marathons.

Since moving to Wiltshire in 2004, Caroline has added beginners’ running courses to her fitness portfolio as well as coaching and mentoring people to set up their own health-related business under the umbrella of Forever – The Aloe Vera Company.


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