May @ Swindon: Lynne Pomeroy on Give More Be More: Small Businesses Supporting each Other

Thursday 9th May


Speaker – Lynne Pomeroy – Give More Be More : Small Businesses Supporting each Other

Give More Be More was founded October last year after a ladies networking meeting. Mandie (the other co founder) was talking about setting up events that were more suitable and flexible than those that were doing the circuit, we got together and Give More Be More was born.

Our second event will be on 16th May and is about Small Businesses Supporting Small Businesses. As small business owners, we know how difficult it is to get the right advice, at the right price, from the right person. We want to have any event where small businesses can find the support and guidance from those who have been there before you, without any of the hype, confusion and pressure.

Our third event will be in October and is about supporting young people from 15 to 21 in all aspects of their lives.

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