“I would have taken the plunge earlier.”

This post is part of a series – Number 6

We asked successful businesswomen to share their experiences of starting a business. We looked to interview women of different ages, backgrounds and business sectors, asking them to share the good and the bad. Here’s what they told us:

Laura Pryor – www.overthebloom.co.uk

Why did you start your business and what age were you?

I started my business a little over 2 years ago when I was 30.

What was the most important piece of advice you were given and why?

To always listen to your gut feeling. As a business owner you have to make all of the decisions (and bear all the consequences!) so you have to trust your instincts. And to be prepared to make mistakes – everything can be solved, so learn from them and move on.

What do you wish you’d known from day one?

That no one is a harsher critic than myself! I used to spend too long on arrangements, worrying about a flower that wasn’t quite in the right place, that it didn’t look quite how I’d envisaged it…things that would give me a sleepless night but that no one else would notice!

With hindsight, what would you do differently?

If I’d known how much I’d love doing this, I would have taken the plunge earlier!

What’s the best part of running your own business?

That I am in complete control and can run the business exactly how I want. Of course it means that I also carry all of the risk, which can be stressful at times, but less so than some jobs I’ve been in previously.

Interviewed by Tracey Jefferies for Networking Women. Tracey runs her own successful marketing and PR consultancy. She also writes on a regular basis for various publications and reviews the newspapers on BBC Radio Oxford. www.traceyjefferies.co.uk


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