The Why, What, Who and How of Your Business: parts 1 and 2

8th June (part 1), 15th June (part 2) and 16th June (full day – parts 1 and 2) – With Cathy Dean

This is the day for Thinking Big, for Brave Ideas and for Bold Intentions.

This is the day for Freeing Your Spirit and Voicing Your Dreams.

This is the day for Stating Your Values and Owning Your Purpose.

This is the day when your head and your heart, your life and your business, will come together as never before.

This is the day when your Confidence Takes Flight.

Are you ready for this day?

The Why, What, Who and How of Your Business

During this highly interactive event, you’ll spend the day working closely with me and other Networking Women to answer the most fundamental questions about your business:

• Who am I and who are my customers?
• How does my work serve me, my customers and the wider world?
• What’s my REAL Offer, what’s my Passion and what’s my Purpose?
• Why do I do the things I do?

You’ll leave the event inspired, enthused and with a much better understanding of why you and your business are so valuable.


Part 1

• Arrivals and Coffee
• Introductions, Ground rules, Objectives
• Uncovering your Passion
• Your Mission, Your Purpose and Your Real Offer
• Next Steps for Success

Part 2

• Arrivals and Coffee
• Getting to Know Your Ideal Customer
• Confident Networking
• Putting the Elements Together
• Next Steps for Success


Part 1 – Friday 18th May 1.30pm – 4.30 pm – £40 (or £35 if booked with part 2)

Part 2 – Friday 25th May 1.30pm – 4.30 pm – £40 (or £35 if booked with part 1)

Parts 1 & 2 full day workshop on Saturday 19th May 10am – 4.30pm – £70 per person

The workshop will be held in either Burford or Northleach area, venue to be confirmed.

Here’s what previous participants have said:

“I got a huge amount out of today, it was very inspirational and I got a huge amount of ideas of what to do to get more customers into my business”

“I feel so much more confident about what I’m doing and how I’m going to do things differently in my business, and I now feel passionate about going out and doing what I need to do”

“I got more than what I wanted out of this workshop, it was very inspiring”

“It gave me time to step back and think about my business instead of rushing around doing things, very inspiring”

“Cathy provided a safe, calm environment and the workshop was thought-provoking and inspirational”

“Cathy helped me to recognize some aspects of who and how I am and how that’s reflected in how I behave in my business”

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