"So what do you do?"

One of the questions you’re often asked at networking events is “What do you do?”

I used to say “I’m an alternative health practitioner” but recently at Networking Women meetings I’ve been saying something like “I help women recover from the symptoms of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.” I’ve noticed it really makes a difference to how people react to me … instead of their eyes glazing over with boredom or confusion, they start asking me questions – how do I do it, who can I help, can I help them with their stress please?!

That got me thinking, and I realised that introductions are like most forms of marketing really, aren’t they? In those few seconds when you first meet someone, you’re marketing yourself – so instead of selling the features of your business, promote the benefits it offers to your potential customers!

It’s common sense when you think about it, and we can all apply this to ourselves, whatever our business. For example, an accountant helps save you taxes. A life coach helps you fulfill your dreams; a sales expert helps you double your turnover; a car mechanic helps you stay on the road. One of the best introductions I ever heard was a guy who said, “I can make your reputation soar!” Who’s not going to want to find out more with a hook like that?!

So have a think about your business and the benefits you give your clients – and then turn those benefits into a one line introduction. And next time you’re asked, “What do you do?” give people a good reason to want to find out more!

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