What You Say and How You Say It

Presented by Gail Gibson from True Expressions

Tuesday 22nd March 2011
9am to 12noon
Madison Hotel, Swindon

“What You Say and How You Say It” is a fully interactive presentation. It is one of our most popular workshops for many reasons. Firstly, the groups are small so everyone receives individual attention. Secondly you will come away with new skills about how to present yourself at networking meetings, to new clients and to other businesses. Finally, these workshops are incredibly good for building up your confidence too.

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Skills covered in this workshop:

* First Impression
* Body Language
* Preparation
* Confidence
* Present Your Partner
* Promote the Benefits
* Mind Map your Business

Mini Presentation

You will discover ways to:

* present with IMPACT
* improve your CONFIDENCE
* ENGAGE your audience* DELIVER your ideal presentation

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