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Tuesday 26th April 2011

Guest Speakers: Ken Norman and Tim Lyon of New Tricks Training on The Pitfalls & Pratfalls of Presenting

Happy Birthday to us!!! Yes thats right, we are One Year Old Today and to celebrate we are having our first ever Mixed Networking Meeting.

Why? Because we are continually asked by men whether or not they can come to our meetings … so we look forward to welcoming lots of men to see how we network, Networking Women style!

Great speakers are highly respected and revered, however, we all know that the converse is true.  The less-than-skilled presenter is often (and quite unfairly) written off as a blithering idiot.  Scary, because more and more of us find ourselves having to present, whether at a client seminar, at a networking event, a sales pitch or just to get over an important message to our staff.  In this entertaining session Ken & Tim from New Tricks Training will illustrate the heinous crimes, sins and most common mistakes (they are common because they’re easy to make) that speakers make – so you can avoid making them.

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Ken Norman and Tim Lyon have trained thousands of business professionals to conquer their fear of public speaking, polish their presentation and engage with their audience. They have trained, among others, bankers (The Royal Bank of Scotland & NatWest), accountants (Grant Thornton, ACCA, R3), solicitors (Brethertons, Lester Aldridge, Darbys) charities (UCAS, The National Trust) and vicars (The Church of England.) They are often to be found speaking at local universities including Warwick, Nottingham, Birmingham & Gloucester.
During this interactive, high energy presentation you’ll discover (amongst other things) how to:

• structure a presentation

• meet an audience’s expectations

• overcome nerves

• use PowerPoint properly

• be remembered – for all the right reasons!

“What a great presentation we had from Tim Lyon and Ken Norman – who run a motivational company to assist in all aspects of sales and public speaking. Their “act”, the only way to describe it, really had us in fits of laughter.”

Bob Langton,
Chair, Bicester Chamber of Commerce

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