Networking Women Witney

Tuesday 29th November 2011

Speaker: Diane MacDowall on ‘Discovering The Goddess Within’

There is nothing more sensational than a woman who loves herself.
She’s exhilarating!
She owns her beauty.
She exudes love, sensuality and fulfilment in everything she does.
She’s in touch with her needs and has a glow that lights up any room.
She handles her man in a way that he adores.
She melts her man’s heart.

A woman’s happiness is the most powerful untapped energy imaginable. Her glow comes from inner approval and the discovery that the greatest gift she can give the world is her own happiness. When a woman knows, loves and owns herself intimately, physically, emotionally, spiritually and sensually, she feels the FULL experience of what it means to be a woman.

This talk give us a huge insights into men, how they think and feel, and how to communicate to bring the very best out of them and have them treating you like a Goddess…

On this talk we’ll find out:

• Why a woman’s happiness is the most powerful untapped energy imaginable.
• How to communicate with men in a way that melts their hearts.
• Why selfish is selfless – how a woman putting her own needs first inspires everyone, especially men.
• How to get out of your head and into the FULL experience of womanhood.
• How to revitalise your Essensual Radiance…

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Diane MacDowall was Susan Jeffers’ first approved ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’ trainer worldwide. She is a much sought after speaker who has touched the lives of many with her empathy, inspirational talks, coaching skills and her own inspiring story. Diane is an Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Workshop Leader, Master Practitioner of NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapist. She has been empowering others to live a life without limits for many years after stepping through her own fears to live the life of her dreams. Her purpose in life is to help others reach their fullest potential with a sense of confidence, love and full self-awareness – to be all that they can be.

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